Student Travel Awards
Student travel awards are available for both International and Canadian based students to present their work.  A student may only receive a single award during the tenure of their graduate programs (both MSc and PhD considered jointly).  Students selected will be provided the opportunity to present their work as an oral presentation during the meeting.
Student Travel Awards to Lake Louise

The Workshop Committee will provide travel grants of $2000 (CDN) to allow a senior Graduate Student (Master or PhD programs) to travel to and present (oral) at the 2020 Lake Louise Tandem Mass Spectrometry Workshop. The committee encourages applications from interested individuals conducting research in mass spectrometry.  Nominations are limited to one applicant per Supervisor.  Individuals are limited to receive the award once during the course of their studies.

Applications should be sent by E-mail to Dr. Lars Konermann ( by September 10 describing in an abstract (500 words) the nature of the MS/MS work to be presented at the workshop as well as an indication of the impact this opportunity could have on your career (preference will be given to work that has not been previously presented). Your CV along with a supporting letter from the respective research director/supervisor is also required. This is a great opportunity for a young scientist to meet world-class mass spectrometrists in an intimate and friendly setting. Selection of the winning application will be made by the Lake Louise Workshop committee. Applicants will be notified by October 10.
Student Travel Awards by CSMS

The Canadian Society for Mass Spectrometry offers a number of student travel awards. Each award provides a grant of $2000 CDN to allow senior students to participate and attend the meeting. Click Here for Details