Information for Sponsors
To become a sponsor simply send an email to Susan Richardson, who will be happy to detail the benefits of sponsorship and levels briefly described below.

In keeping with the Lake Louise theme, the designations for different levels of sponsorship correspond to the degree of difficulty of the downhill ski runs:

Double Black Diamond - $9,000
Black Diamond - $6000 - $8,999
Blue - $3000 – $5999
Green - $1000 - $2999

As part of your sponsorship, you can choose to cover specific items such as:

Coffee Breaks - $1000 per Coffee Break, up to 4 Coffee Breaks
Opening Reception - $1,000
Poster Reception - $1,000

**Note amounts are in CANADIAN DOLLARS.
Sponsor Benefits

  • Our home page showcases our sponsors and their products. Your company logo and images of selected instruments will be displayed in a slide show.

  • Company logos are also displayed here on our website.

  • Sponsors are acknowledged in our Workshop program, on a poster prominently displayed in the Workshop room, on a large PowerPoint slide displayed during coffee breaks, and in the banquet program.

  • Product information can be displayed on the Sponsors’ Table at the Workshop.

  • Attendee list is provided to sponsors several weeks before the Workshop.

  • One-on-one interaction with attendees, at least half of whom are decision makers for purchasing instruments and consumables.

  • At a dedicated Sponsors’ Luncheon, one representative from each sponsoring company is invited to meet with the Workshop Organizing Committee to provide input, feedback, and suggestions.

  • Please note: registration/hotel/travel expenses are not included with your sponsorship.


  • Includes all benefits of the Green level; in addition:

  • Each sponsor is entitled to one 20 min scientific talk. This talk can highlight sponsor products, but it should not be a sales presentation. You can choose to have a company representative speak, or you can support a non-corporate speaker (e.g., a university researcher).

Black Diamond:

  • Includes all benefits of the Green and Blue levels; in addition:

  • The sponsor can invite prospective customers to sit with them at the banquet table (each table seats ten people). The company logo can be displayed on the table.

  • If you have a non-corporate attendee speak on your behalf (e.g., a university researcher), the registration fee for this person will be waived.

Double-Black Diamond:

  • Includes all benefits of the Green, Blue, and Black Diamond Levels; in addition:

  • The sponsor is entitled to a longer scientific presentation (25 minutes – equivalent to an “invited speaker” oral spot in the program. Scheduling of the talk will be done in consultation with the sponsor.

  • The sponsor can set up a separate table or booth in the foyer area where information material can be displayed, and where a representative can interact with potential customers.

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